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Forget the Lifestyle Lift – Learn How Christopher Costanzo MD Does A Natural Face Lift

Let Dr. Costanzo Clear Up the Confusing Names that describe a Face Lift: Lifestyle Lift, QuickLift, Mini Face Lift, Mid Face Lift, Endoscopic Face Lift, Macs Face Lift, Feather Lift, Thread Lift, Subperiosteal Face Lift, Stem Cell Face Lift, S Face Lift, Ribbon Neck Lift

Do You Want to Look Rested & More Youthful?

My Face Lift is a combination of many things I’ve learned since starting practice in 1986. What I’ve done is taken parts of different techniques that I know work and incorporated them into my Face Lift procedure. By avoiding technical things I know don’t work well, I am able to bring back a more youthful look without the giving an unnatural pull to the face. There is no best technique! So focus on an experienced Plastic Surgeon. Pick a great Plastic Surgeon to be assured of the best possible outcome.

Why are there so many names for a Face Lift?

The Face Lift procedure has been transformed over the years to include multiple and confusing names.  Different Plastic Surgeons may refer to a Face Lift, with names such as a Lifestyle Lift, Mini-Face Lift, Mid-Face Lift, Full Face Lift, S-Lift, QuickLift, MACS Lift, Lunch Time Lift, 1 hour Face lift and more. I’ll try to sort through these confusing terms and give you my opinions and what I think works the best.

Beware of being scammed!

Fancy Advertisements of Quick Lifting Face Lift or Lifestyle Lift procedures which promise miracle results with no down time. Be careful of so-called “Mini Lifts”.  Many times these mean minimal results. Lasers, Chemical Peels and Thermage (Radio-frequency) will not duplicate or give the results needed from a Face Lift. Choosing a Face Lift technique is a poor choice, over picking an experienced Plastic Surgeon.

Things I Like Best for Face Lifts

  • A Short Incision – Minimizing the length of the incision is usually possible. This will allow you to wear your hair up without a visible scar behind the ear.
  • Liposuctioning the Neck – Most people have extra fat under the chin which when removed can make the neck look more sculptured. Liposuction also improves the tightening of the skin of the neck.
  • Avoiding Facial Implants – I have found it is better to lift and tighten the tissues of your face that have fallen and loss support to get that natural look. Facial Implants should be rarely used and in some people will give an unnatural look.
  • Lifting the Cheek Pad – Sometimes it is necessary to lift the cheek fat pad upward through an eyelid or Blepharoplasty incision.
  • Temporal Mid – Face / Cheek Lift using the Endotine Bioabsorbable Anchoring Implant – I use this rarely, and I reserve this for a younger person, say 30’s and early 40’s of age, who need just middle face lifting.The cheek of the mid- face is lifted through two incisions, one inside the mouth and the other in the temporal hairline leaving no visible scar. The Endotine Bioabsorbable Implant dissolves completely in 8 – 12 months after anchoring the tissue while it is healing in a new tighter position. By raising the cheek pad I can improve the hollowing of your lower eyelid.
  • Less risk to the nerves of the face
  • Minimal scarring
  • Quick post-operative recovery

What is the Lifestyle Lift – a common question asked of me

The Lifestyle Lift is not a particular Face Lift procedure, but rather a business model. Plastic Surgeons sign up and then the company promotes the Lifestyle Lift Plastic Surgeon with heavy marketing on TV and radio. Plastic Surgeons who are signed with the company can do any Face Lift technique they feel comfortable doing and are encouraged to do this under only a local anesthesia.

What I don’t like about the Lifestyle Lift – The general claim through a excellent marketing strategy that Lifestyle Lift Plastic Surgeons are giving the public something better in correcting age related facial changes.No procedure performed in 1 hour can give the lasting results most women need to correct their aging face and neck. Since the Lifestyle Lift is generally performed under local anesthesia with you awake, it can be:

  • Painful – multiple needle injections can be quite uncomfortable for most people
  • Distracting to the surgeon – moving about and talking to the surgeon may distract him from fully concentrating on getting you the best results

What I dislike the most however, is this Company advertises and promotes this as if it were a superior Face Lift technique, rather than letting the public know that they are a marketing organization.

In Florida: Florida ruling

Lifestyle Lift company founder David Kent (not a doctor) has agreed to stop calling this a “Revolutionary Procedure” and disclose if their models are being paid for their advertising.

A Consistently Great Result and a Skilled Plastic Surgeon Go Hand in Hand:

Finding and Choosing a Excellent Plastic Surgeon will be the most important factor for you to achieve the fantastic result you are looking for. The Experienced Plastic Surgeon understands that using multiple techniques combined with judgment and skill is what really leads to outstanding results.

Contour Thread Lift and Feather Lift – I do not recommend this procedure

Sometimes called the Lunch Time Face Lift, this procedure uses small incisions in the hair to pass barbed sutures into the face, that when pulled upwards hooks on to the tissue under the skin to lift it upward. The Contour Thread Lift / Feather Lift suffers from the following disadvantages:

  • Very costly, with minimal changes to the face
  • Not a good procedure for correction of the jowls or neck
  • It is not long lasting- usually months to a year
  • The barbed sutures may break, stretch or work their way through the skin requiring additional surgery to remove the visible barbed end
  • It is difficult to move a large area of tissue with only a suture, so subtle results are the norm

Stem Cell Face Lift

The Stem Cell Face Lift is not a true Face Lift, but rather fat grafting to plump up the face using stem cells obtained from Liposuction.

  • Claims are that the Stem Cells help rejuvenation muscles, connective tissue and skin during the fat grafting.
  • Scientific data is lacking in establishing that the body will in fact incorporate the Stem Cells and allow them to direct changes to a mimic a youthful face.

S-Face Lift

The S-Face Lift has an incision in front of the ear and also tightens the supportive muscle system (SMAS), using purse string sutures.

Macs Face Lift

The MACS-Face Lift is another modification of the S-Face Lift which has an incision in front of the ear and then uses a double purse string suture to pull up on the SMAS layer over the muscles of the face.  I have used this technique, but find it less superior in most women to the Minimal Incision Face Lift, because it doesn’t work as well when tightening the neck area.

QuickLift or Quick Lift

The QuickLift Face Lift is a modification of the S Lift.  A similar incision is made and then the tissue pulled up and held in place with a one large purse string suture. I would prefer to use the MACS Lift double purse string suture.

Mini-Face Lift

This is probably the most confusing term, because it has a different meaning for each person and Plastic Surgeon.  If the Mini- Face Lift means minimal incisions, then some refer to it as the Short Incision Face Lift.  Others, suggest it is minimal surgery.

A Mini-Face Lift is sometimes used to define a Face Lift performed with an endoscope using incisions placed in the hairline and the mouth.  The endoscope is a lighted camera that attaches to special instruments introduced through these incisions to elevate specific areas of the face.  Some Plastic Surgeons also refer to the elevation of the cheek or mid-face area through a eyelid incision as a Mini- Face Lift.

Since a Mini-Face Lift does very little to address the loose jowls and neck, it is generally used during the early stages of aging, when a freshening look is desired.  If your neck and jowls are loose, I would recommend you are get Minimal Incision Face Lift.

Mid-Face Lift

You should consider this if you have early signs of aging, such as a sagging mid-face which refers to the cheek and lower eyelid area. You might see a deepening of the lines of the lower cheeks called the nasolabial folds.  If you have no significant jowl or neck sagging, then I can use the Endotine Biodegradable Anchoring Implant with hidden incisions to give you a natural, refreshed look. This type of Face Lift is most commonly done on women in their early 40’s.  However, most women need the Minimal or Limited Incision Face Lift to tighten the jowls and neck skin.

Sub-Periosteal Face Lift

The Sub-Periosteal Face Lift is an elevation of the soft tissue and muscles off the underlying facial bones. I believe this operation is more prone to having problems after surgery, so I would rather perform a Minimal Incision Face Lift or use the MACS Lift technique.

Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Mainly used as a marketing or sales tool- such as 60 minute Face Lifts or Lunch time Face Lifts. Most of these are dermatological procedures using a Laser or Chemical Peel on the face by doctors who have not been trained to perform a surgical Face Lift. These are poor substitutes for a surgical Face Lift, as they do little to tighten the face, jowls and neck area.

My Natural Face Lift / Neck Lift Procedure

  • Neck, jowls and lower face can be tightened, which helps to eliminate many wrinkles
  • Surgical time 2-5 hours depending on the areas involved in tightening
  • Can last 8-12 years, depending on the skin texture and tone
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Swelling and bruising lasts for a few weeks
  • Full recovery without limitations is 3-4 week

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