Thousand Oaks Labiaplasty / Vaginal Enhancement

“Rejuvenation of the Female Genitalia”

Labiaplasty, Labialplasty, Labioplasty, Labial Reduction of the Labia Minor / Minora and Labia Majora Are all names for the tissue that hangs from the opening of the vagina

  • Labia Majora – the outer surface of the vaginal area. Sometimes overdeveloped on just one side.  I have seen this condition in professional bicyclists, who through constant irritation and rubbing from the bike seat have developed enlargement of the area.
  • Labia Minora – this refers to the inner genital lips of the vaginal area which can hang down or protrude outward beyond the Labia Majora.  Some women experience pain and irritation during sexual intercourse and find this outward hanging unattractive.
  • Mons Pubis – the area above the vagina covered by pubic hair.  Sometimes this is enlarged and can be reduced with Liposuction.  If you have large pelvic bones this will lessen the effect of Liposuction on the area. 

Causes of Enlarged Labia very and include Aging, Genetics, Childbirth, Hormones, Sexual Intercourse and prolonged Irritation of the area.

Labiaplasty Surgery is performed to reshape and redefine the area.  This will give the area a younger appearance and in most cases increases your confidence during sexual intimacy.

Labiaplasty Surgery

  • Surgical Time – 1 hour
  • Anesthesia – General or IV sedation preferred
  • Same day surgery
  • Cleansing and washing the area afterwards is recommended
  • 3 – 4 weeks of limited activities and careful hygiene of the area
  • Moderate pain afterwards, easily controlled with pain medication

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