5 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Breast Augmentation

The choices involved in a breast augmentation are numerous and can pose a challenge to many Westlake Village and Calabasas patients. Deciding on the right size, shape, and profile of your new breasts involves finding out what’s right (and possible) for your body. To get you on the way to your ideal breast augmentation, Dr. Costanzo has put together five essential points that you should know before going for your breast augmentation consultation.

Woman in White Bra Serenely Looking at the CameraKnow the Difference Between Implant Types, Profiles, and Shapes

Breast implants have come a long way in the decades since their invention. The materials they’re made from have become very safe and the results indistinguishable from natural breasts.

Aside from appearance, the way your implants move and feel are influenced by these three factors:

  • Type: All breast implants are made with a silicone outer shell and are either pre-filled with silicone gel or unfilled and then enlarged with sterile saline solution. Depending on the size of your breasts and desired result, one of the options will offer a better solution than the other.
  • Profile: Breast implants also are made in different configurations such as low, moderate, high and ultra-high. Selecting a certain profile can help to achieve the proper fit and fullness desired for a more natural look.
  • Shape: Anatomical implants have gained a lot of attention because they are designed to maintain their shape over a long period of time and to maintain more fullness in the lower half of the breast. Anatomical implants provide an additional option for achieving a natural breast appearance.

With each breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Costanzo helps you select the type, profile, and shape of your implants for a natural appearance that will make people think you’re naturally gifted rather than having an excellent plastic surgeon.

The Effects of Your Implants on Aspects of Your Life

Part of a consultation involves planning the safest way to provide you with the look that you want. Two of the main considerations include:

  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding: When women become pregnant after breast augmentation most women still have the ability to breast feed their infant.
  • Balancing Your Lifestyle: Many women who opt for breast implants will consider size based on their activity. Some who are very active will desire smaller implants, while others will desire a much fuller look.

Your new breasts should suit your lifestyle and not impact your plans for the future. During your consultation with Dr. Costanzo, you will review options specifically chosen for your appearance, comfort, and to limit the impact on your life. Your breasts are a unique expression of you that go beyond just your appearance.

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