6 Imperfections That A Facelift Addresses

Mature Bronzed Brunette Looking Over Bare Left Shoulder SmilingMen and women in Thousand Oaks don’t want to look older than they feel. Unfortunately, the inevitable signs of aging do just that. Deep creases, wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls can all create a tired, worn out, and even angry appearance on the faces of many people. While the natural process of aging cannot be stopped, Dr. Costanzo can reduce the visible signs of aging on your face by performing a facelift procedure at his Thousand Oaks area clinic. Dr. Costanzo has over 30 years of experience restoring the confidence of Thousand Oaks area men and women by giving their face a more youthful appearance.

When residents meet with Dr. Costanzo for their initial consultation, they have many questions. Some of them are questions about the procedure itself, but most Thousand Oaks men and women want to know exactly what parts of their face can be rejuvenated with a facelift. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 6 imperfections that a facelift can address:

 1. Sagging skin

Sagging skin can make you look angry or mean, and can develop when collagen in the face deteriorates, resulting in a loss of firmness in the face. A facelift can tighten sagging skin and leave you looking refreshed and happy!

 2. Marionette lines

Most commonly known as “laugh lines,” marionette lines are deep creases that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin or jawline. They are one of the most common signs of aging – and one of the cruelest. Marionette lines make you look heavier than you are, older than you feel, and just overall unhappy. During your facelift procedure, Dr. Costanzo will be able to lift and tighten the skin around your mouth, resulting in less noticeable – or completely removing – marionette lines. 

 3. Deep creases below the lower eyelids

Aging causes many Thousand Oaks men and women to suffer from deep creases below their lower eyelids. A mid facelift will help decrease the appearance of creases below the lower eyelids, leaving you with a more rejuvenated appearance.

 4. Double chin

A double chin, also known as submental fat, is caused when layers of fat form beneath your chin. Though a double chin is most often associated with being overweight, that is not the only way one can develop. Age, genetics, and posture also play a role in the development of a double chin. But the good news is, regardless of the reason for your double chin, Dr. Costanzo can get rid of it for good during your facelift procedure.

 5. Jowls

Jowls are bags of skin that droop along or below the jawline. Like the other sagging skin on your face, jowls form when the elastin and collagen in the face begin to deteriorate. Jowls can also occur when the lower cheek muscles lose strength and volume through aging. A facelift procedure can remove these unsightly jowls and make you more confident in your appearance.

 6. Removal of unwanted areas of fat

Clearly, aging takes a toll on the face. And part of that aging process leaves us with unwarned areas of fat that don’t lend to a naturally appealing look. During your facelift procedure, Dr. Costanzo will be able to remove these unwanted areas of fat, leaving you with a more contorted profile.

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With almost 30 years of experience, Dr. Costanzo has performed hundreds of cosmetic procedures for the residents of Thousand Oaks. With his artful touch and skill, he is able to make his patients look youthful and refreshed once again. If you’ve been considering a facelift procedure but had questions about what areas of the face could be addressed, hopefully, this blog has helped answer some of your questions. However, nothing compares to having a consultation with Dr. Costanzo himself. During your appointment, he will be able to listen to your wants, needs, and concerns, and craft a treatment plan just for you.

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