Causes of Breast Implant Rippling

Model with Large Breasts in White TankWhen women from Thousand Oaks visit Dr. Costanzo for a breast augmentation, their main goal is for their final results to look natural. They want to achieve that coveted hourglass figure and add cleavage, but don’t want it to be obvious they’ve had work done. Unfortunately, one thing that makes it obvious you’ve had work done is when rippling of the implant is visible on the bottom of your breasts. There are varying reasons why breast implant rippling occurs, but thankfully, Dr. Costanzo is able to correct this problem through a breast revision surgery. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common reasons Thousand Oaks women experience breast implant rippling.

 1. What Type of Implant You Have

Silicone implants have grown in popularity in part because their counterparts, saline implants, are known to cause visible rippling beneath the skin. The main reason for this is because they are filled with a saline solution that is essentially salt water; therefore, they do not have a dense consistency and feel much like of a bag filled with water. If you are experiencing breast implant rippling and currently have saline breast implants, Dr. Costanzo can replace them with silicone implants during a breast revision surgery and alleviate this problem.

 2. Where Your Implants Are Placed

Another reason you may be experiencing breast implant rippling depends on the location of the breast implant. If you had your original breast implants placed under the breast muscle, or submuscularly, it is unlikely you will experience breast rippling. Having breast implants placed under the muscle provides more coverage for the implant. If your implants were placed on top of the breast muscle, or subglandularly, you have an increased risk of experiencing breast implant rippling. This is because only the skin will be providing coverage for the implant. If you had your implants placed above the breast muscle and are noticing implant rippling, a breast revision to relocate the implants under the muscle will help solve this problem.

 3. How Much Natural Breast Tissue You Have

Many Thousand Oaks women who choose to have breast augmentation do so because they are unhappy with their small breasts. Breast implant rippling is more common in these women because there is less breast tissue to provide coverage. If you had a breast augmentation because of your small breasts and have noticed the edges of your implants can be seen beneath your skin, call Dr. Costanzo to discuss how a breast revision can help.

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