Common Misconceptions Among Thousand Oaks Breast Augmentation Patients

After nearly 3 decades and the completion of over 5,000 breast augmentations, it should come as no surprise to hear that Dr. Christopher Costanzo is a true expert in the cosmetic surgery field. Having a surgeon with that kind of experience and such an immense foundation of knowledge is certainly a valuable asset to any woman considering breast implants. Over the years, Dr. Costanzo has encountered all sorts of misconceptions among his Thousand Oaks breast augmentation patients. Among the most commonly misunderstood concepts is the difference between, and the pros and cons of, submuscular and subglandular breast implants.

Women will often come in and request submuscular implants, which are placed beneath the pectoralis muscle in the chest. However, they often do not know why, or even if, this is the most appropriate option for them. In many cases, women seeking both beautiful and larger breasts are better off with a subglandular implant, which is placed on top of the muscle.

Submuscular Breast Implants

If your natural breast and nipple measurements are high, then Dr. Costanzo will most likely place the implant under the muscle. For example, a woman with small (A or B cup) sized breasts with little to no looseness, as well as a high nipple position, will most benefit from submuscular breast implants. Advantages include:

  • The additional layer covering the implant makes it less likely to see or feel the implant.
  • Easier mammogram readings for breast cancer detection.
  • During normal activities, the movement of the muscle massages the implant, helping to keep the breasts softer after a breast augmentation.

Subglandular Breast Implants

Prospective Thousand Oaks breast augmentation clients with more mature breasts will likely benefit more from subglandular implants. Should you have sagging breast tissue with a lower nipple position, or if you are on the heavier side in weight, this is definitely an option to consider.

By avoiding going under the muscle, it is possible to give the breast a better shape. Because the pectoralis muscle is located high on the chest, placing the implant under the muscle will create fullness above the nipple, rather than right under it. In that event, it is possible for the natural breast to roll off and fall below the implant, pushing the nipple downwards and creating the “puppy dog” appearance. Additional benefits include:

  • Giving you a better shape than submuscular implants if you fit the criteria described above.
  • Better cleavage.
  • Ability to fit bigger implants with a subglandular position.
  • Less pain and an easier recovery.
  • You may be able to avoid a full breast lift (mastopexy) by placing the implant subglandular.

For further information, speak with your Thousand Oaks breast augmentation expert, Dr. Christopher Costanzo.