How Does a Plastic Surgeon Determine the Final Outcome of Nose Appearance After Rhinoplasty?

It takes years of training and experience to master the subtle art of rhinoplasty, and something  Westlake Village and Calabasas patients  should be looking for in a plastic surgeon. A consultation to discuss your expectations is enough for Dr. Costanzo to develop a surgical approach that will provide you with the results you’re looking for.

With thirty years of experience performing rhinoplasty and other surgical procedures, Dr. Costanzo upholds the highest standards for his surgical techniques to provide Ventura patients with a high level of patient care. Over the years, Dr. Costanzo has performed thousands of surgeries, and not one has jeopardized patient safety or satisfaction.

Side Profile of Model with Blond HairYour Consultation

Plastic surgeons understand how a certain look translates into the removal of a little cartilage or tissue during a rhinoplasty. This expertise allows Dr. Costanzo to create a template for your procedure by:

  • Evaluating the parts of your nose that bother you. After examining you, Costanzo will guide you towards a result that works best for you. Sometimes, the nose that a patient believes is right for their facial structure is disproportionate, and a slight change can create a better balance between your nose and other features.
  • Reviewing facial proportions. Not everyone can pull off a small nose, especially if their other features are larger. Dr. Costanzo will provide you with suggestions based on your unique features, making each rhinoplasty a slightly different variation suited to your specific goals.
  • Discussing final results with you. If you seem uncertain about your final result, Dr. Costanzo will encourage you to take time to consider the full procedure. There is no pressure to book surgery during your consultation, allowing you enough time to figure out exactly what you want before making a final decision.

After thirty years of practice, Dr. Costanzo has a deeper understanding and skill set than other plastic surgeons by virtue of his experience treating Ventura patients.

How You Can Ensure the Final Outcome is What You Want

Your plastic surgeon’s skill is the most important factor in attaining your desired result, but there are a few things that you can do to help. By taking proper care of yourself after surgery and following all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions, you will recover more quickly and ensure lasting results.

Dr. Costanzo suggests spending time recovering at home, ideally taking a week off to reduce the potential for any displacement of your nose. To reduce your risk of a prolonged healing time.

  • Avoid the gym for a few weeks after surgery to keep swelling minimal.
  • Take all medication as directed.
  • Apply cool compresses if instructed to reduce bruising.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Costanzo will discuss your recovery and send you home with post-operative instructions to guarantee the best possible outcome.

To schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Costanzo, call our Westlake Village and Calabasas area office at (805) 373-9919.