How Will a Breast Augmentation Affect Future Pregnancies?

Breasts In Black Tank TopDid you know that a breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure among women in America between the ages of 20 and 39, and one that many women in Calabasas undergo each year? While many women want fuller, firmer breast that gives them the ideal hourglass figure, many aren’t exactly sure when they should pursue a breast augmentation. After all, many women want to have children, or aren’t done having children, and may worry that future pregnancies will be affected by a breast augmentation. While no amount of online research can completely address your specific needs, there are a few things you should know about how a breast augmentation could affect future pregnancies. Keep reading to learn more.


Will a Breast Augmentation Negatively Affect My Pregnancy?

There is nothing about a breast augmentation that is harmful or would cause negative effects for future pregnancies. Neither saline or silicone breast implants pose a health risk to women who are pregnant or their unborn children. Both types of implants have been thoroughly tested and are FDA approved. If you are a Calabasas woman, who has been suffering from asymmetrical breasts or even the emotional effects caused by breasts that are too small for your frame and rob you from self-confidence and pride, having a breast augmentation before you have children may be the best thing for you and your unique circumstances.

Will I Be Able to Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

During your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Costanzo at his Calabasas area clinic, he will ask you about your plans for future pregnancies and whether you desire to breastfeed. It is important that you are completely honest with him during this appointment, as his treatment plan will be based on your communicated needs and desired results. The type of incision used during your breast augmentation might affect your ability to breastfeed.

Incision Types – Generally, most women can still breast feed after a breast augmentation.  However, if you wish Dr. Costanzo to make an incision around your areola, which requires going through some of the breast ducts, this may affect your ability to breastfeed.  Dr. Costanzo may suggest placing the incision either in the breast fold or in the armpit to avoid the duct tissue.

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If you’re a woman in Calabasas who has been wanting to have a breast augmentation for years but have been unsure about how future pregnancies may be affected, we hope this blog has provided you with some basic information to help you move forward with your plans. Give Dr. Costanzo a call at his Calabasas area clinic today at (805) 373-9919 to schedule your initial consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Costanzo will be able to develop the best plan tailored just for you as he listens to your wants and desire for your breast augmentation, including whether or not you plan to have children after your procedure.