How Will Breastfeeding Change My Breast Implants?

Mother Lifting Baby Girl Up to The SkyIt’s completely normal to have concerns about how your breast implants will change over time, especially after breastfeeding your baby. One of the most common questions at my practice concerns how breast augmentation results change during breastfeeding. The answer is not simple or straightforward. It depends on several factors including:

  • Genetics. Talk to your close female relatives such as mom, sister, aunt, even grandmother. If their breasts changed a lot during and after pregnancy then you’re more likely to go through the same changes.
  • Weight gain and loss. The way that you gain weight during pregnancy also determines how your breasts will look. If you increase by several cup sizes and then decrease, breast implants may be easier to feel.
  • Sagging. Loss of volume after breastfeeding is not the only concern. Many of my Westlake Village and Calabasas patients experience sagging as a result of changes related to pregnancy. Your breast implants will not change position, but your natural breasts may fall below the proper position on top of the implants.

The good news is that you may not experience any change in the appearance following a breast augmentation as a result of pregnancy. But if you are considering surgery prior to pregnancy, I recommend waiting to ensure that a breast augmentation will take into account any changes to your breasts following pregnancy.

What to Do When a Breast Augmentation Changes After Breastfeeding

For these women the two most common approaches to correcting problems after breastfeeding are:

  • Breast lift to reduce sagging and reposition breasts higher up on your body. This can improve the appearance of breast implants by shaping the surrounding tissue.
  • Switching the breast implants with new ones to restore lost volume. If your implants don’t look the same on your body, it is possible to exchange them for a size and style that better suits you. This procedure is simpler than the initial breast augmentation and often uses the same incision to avoid additional scarring.

There are additional options that may be discussed during a consultation since the right approach is impossible to judge without a physical examination.

A Blueprint for the Right Treatment

After a thorough physical examination during your consultation, we will discuss your options face-to-face and pinpoint your goals for surgery. Depending on the exact problem and your desired outcome, I will suggest a treatment plan uniquely suited to you. I encourage all of my Westlake Village and Calabasas patients to take some time and consider all aspects of the procedure, particularly if they have young children. Before scheduling a procedure, you will need to make arrangements to get the proper rest needed to fully heal before going about your normal routine. Remember that your recovery will take priority for at least 1-2 weeks after your procedure.

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