Information for Large Breasted Westlake Village Breast Augmentation Patients

Model's Large Breasts in Silky Black BlouseOne fact that some people may overlook is that women with naturally large breasts may still desire breast implants. This is neither uncommon nor is it problematic. It does, however, require some special considerations. Any such patients must simply follow the same rules as any other woman considering a breast augmentation; they must consult with a professional Westlake Village breast augmentation surgeon. Working with as experienced a surgeon as Dr. Christopher Costanzo is the only way to ensure that the right steps are taken and that the procedure satisfies your deservedly high expectations.

Women with larger breasts, such as a full C or D cup, will commonly need some sort of shaping work done first. We suggest that you refer to our breast lift and breast reduction pages for help in determining if this is the case in your situation. Large breasts have often fallen over the years, having lost support, and frequently have very large diameters. This does not make them ideal for the use of breast implants. That being said, there are a few options well worth your consideration if you are a large breasted woman seeking a breast augmentation.

In most cases, the best course of action is to have a breast lift prior to the actual augmentation, with the implants being placed at a later date. Implants have the effect of pushing natural breasts outward, so they will take a poorly shaped breast and simply make a bigger, equally poorly-shaped breast without the preceding breast lift procedure. This is certainly not a look that most Westlake Village breast augmentation patients are interested in pursuing. Also, Dr. Costanzo has frequently encountered situations in which the patient is so pleased with her breast lift and the resulting shape of the breast that she chooses to forgo the augmentation entirely.

Women concerned about breast lift scars should note that they are likely to be less visible when there is an interim between the breast lift and the breast implant surgery itself. It really pays to wait a while in between the two procedures. Placing breast implants at the time of the breast lift can lead to stretching of the incision.

Another recommendation from Dr. Costanzo, your Westlake Village breast augmentation expert, is to have a breast reduction beforehand in certain cases. If, for instance, your own breast is rather large, heavy, and with little projection outward, a combined breast reduction/lift can help its shaping by removing heavy, non-supportive tissue. Months later, during the breast augmentation procedure, the breast implants can replace the tissue removed during the breast reduction and lift. This is particularly advantageous for women with rather large and wide breasts. Feel free to contact our offices with any further questions that you may have.