Relationship Between Implant Shape and Implant Size

Breasts In Hot Pink Tank TopMany women in Calabasas are interested in having a breast augmentation but aren’t totally sure what is involved. Whether they desire to go bigger because they want more cleavage, or they just want to fill out their everyday clothes more, Dr. Costanzo wants each of his patients to be fully educated about breast augmentation before undergoing the procedure. One of the most common questions he receives from his patients is regarding how they will look after their implants are placed. While this question does not have a one size fits all answer, Dr. Costanzo can give you an idea of what to expect by explaining the relationship between breast implant shape and size. However, only by having a consultation with Dr. Costanzo will you be able to know best how your final results will look.

Breast Implant Profile

Dr. Costanzo often finds that women visit his Calabasas area clinic with a bra size in hand to describe how big they want their breasts to be. But because bra sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, providing a bra size is not an accurate unit of measure when discussing breast augmentation. Instead, Dr. Costanzo recommends that his patients bring in pictures of women who have the shape and size they desire for themselves. This will also help Dr. Costanzo understand what level of implant profile you desire, which is an important aspect of your individualized treatment plan. The breast profile describes how far you want your breasts to project from your chest wall. For example, breast implants that carry the same volume (cc), but have different widths, will create different levels of projection, or profiles. Breast implants come in many different profiles, including:

  • Low Profile
  • Moderate Profile
  • Moderate Plus Profile
  • High Profile
  • Ultra-High Profile

Dr. Costanzo will help you decide which profile to choose based on your desired results and body characteristics.

Breast Implant Shapes

Deciding on your breast profile is only one part of the process. Dr. Costanzo will also explain both implant shapes during your consultation, and help you determine which is best for you.

   1. Round Breast Implants – Round implants, which are round in shape, as described by their name, provide Calabasas women with fuller breasts that provide more cleavage. They are also the most common choice among women because they create those coveted soft, round and well-proportioned breasts that so many women desire.

   2. Teardrop Breast Implants – Teardrop implants are shaped like a teardrop and are fuller at the bottom than at the top. Dr. Costanzo rarely uses these for most women because they don’t provide enough fullness at the top of the breast. This implant shape is a better choice for women who are having breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Find Out More During Your Consultation with Dr. Costanzo

This blog provides you with some basic information and is a good starting point for understanding the relationship between breast implant shape and size; however, no amount of research can provide you with information specifically tailored to your needs. That is why you should visit with Dr. Costanzo to fully discuss your breast augmentation questions and concerns. Dr. Costanzo has over 33 years of experience performing cosmetic surgery for the residents of Calabasas, and he stands ready to help you reach your ideal look through breast augmentation.

Call his office today at (805) 373-9919 to book your initial consultation.