What Thousand Oaks Breast Augmentation Patients Should Know About Breast Diameter

Breast implants, just like breasts themselves, come in different sizes. Choosing an implant with the appropriate size for the diameter of one’s breasts is a vital step for any Thousand Oaks breast augmentation patient. Breast implants are available in different widths, heights and projections using the same volume. This is known as the breast implant profile. This allows Dr. Costanzo to fit your natural breasts with the right size implant volume.

Breast Augmentation Measured in 3 Directions

Allergan Natrelle, Mentor Memory Gel, and Sientra breast implants all manufacture different profiles: moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra-high. The moderate profile is the widest and lowest, while the high profile breast implant is taller and narrower. The moderate plus profile falls in the middle.

Having breasts of a small diameter no longer means that a successful breast augmentation is impossible. It is simply necessary to find the right breast implant for your particular breast diameter. Breast implants such as a Mentor Moderate Plus and High Profile come in with their narrower shapes allow Dr. Costanzo to give you a more sizable breast augmentation in Thousand Oaks.

At some point your natural breasts will only be able to handle a certain volume of breast implant, no matter how narrow of an implant is used. Requesting an implant volume that is too large for your natural breasts can lead to a number of issues. Your skin may overstretch, leading to the implant bottoming out and seeming to fall out from under your breast. It may also bulge into your armpit or ride upwards towards your shoulder. Such high-riding implants can lead to a very unnatural look, which is precisely why Dr. Christopher Costanzo takes care in ensuring that the right implant is used in every breast augmentation.

If you are considering a breast enlargement with either silicone or saline breast implants and have any further questions, please contact our office to speak to a real Thousand Oaks breast augmentation specialist.