Thousand Oaks Breast Augmentation FAQ: Which Shape is Best for Me?

A breast augmentation, like any other elective surgery, is not something that you can rush into. There are a lot of facets to consider, and a lot of questions to be asked. One of the most common questions that Dr. Christopher Costanzo, a Thousand Oaks breast augmentation expert with nearly 30 years of professional experience, hears is: which breast implant shape is best for me? This is a bit of a loaded question, but the information below should give you some idea of the options available and when they are most appropriate.

Shaped (Gummy Bear) Breast Implants

Shaped breast implants are silicone gel-filled with a textured coating that maintain their teardrop shape. These breast implants are for those women who do not want as much fullness in the upper part of the breast. A certain sized shaped implant is chosen based on the width and height of your breast. In other words, they are designed to fit specially to the contours of your breasts. They are used both in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery following the removal of the breast due to cancer. They should be avoided for women requiring a breast lift along with their breast implants.

Round Breast Implants – Cohesive Silicone Gel or Saline-Filled Center

Round breast implants are better suited for Thousand Oaks breast augmentation patients looking for more upper breast enhancement and cleavage. This option provides more fullness than shaped breast implants in the upper part of the breast.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Profile

Another characteristic of your breast implants to discuss with your Thousand Oaks breast augmentation surgeon is the profile of your implants. This refers to the width and outward projection of the implant. Each implant manufacturer has a different name for their profiled implants. Basically, though, there are 4 different profiles available: ultra-high, high, mid (moderate), and low.


High-Profile Silicone – This is an option preferred by Dr. Costanzo for thin, petite patients with a narrow ribcage and small breast width (diameter).

High-Profile Saline – Because saline implants need to be overfilled, this narrower implants tend to look too rounded and are almost never used by Dr. Costanzo


Mid-Profile Silicone – This is another common type of breast implant profile that we use, especially for those women with a slightly larger frame seeking a very full breast.

Mid-Profile Saline – Ideal for women who are very petite and who have a very narrow diameter of breast requesting a saline implant.


Low-Profile Silicone – Only used on women with a larger frame and a very wide breast that requires a large-width implant to create a more natural look.

Low-Profile Saline – If a saline breast implant is desired, this is the most common profile we use. Most women look great with this type of saline implant, and with overfilling they take on a similar appearance to the mid-profile silicone implant.


Ultra-High Profile Silicone – This profile implant by Allergan (Natrelle) and Mentor (Memory Gel) have a very narrow diameter coupled with an ultra-high projection to be used on woman with a very narrow breast diameter and who want maximum fullness in the upper part of the breast. As you can see, there is no shortage when it comes to breast implant profile options. That is why it is so necessary to work with a Thousand Oaks breast augmentation specialist before deciding which is the right fit for you.