Top 2 Reasons You May Need a Facelift in Your 40s

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It seems like a cruel joke, but many men and women in Thousand Oaks who are still in their 40s, find themselves standing in front of the mirror one morning unable to recognize the person looking back at them. After all – your 40s are still supposed to be the prime of your life! You’re settled in your work and relationships, and you know where you’re going in life. But for some, the ebb and flow of life have not been very kind. When you don’t recognize the reflection staring back at you, you may start to consider having a facelift procedure, even though you’re still in your 40s. If this sounds like you, Dr. Costanzo can help. He has a 100% safety record and over 40 years of experience providing men and women in the Thousand Oaks area with exceptional results from their cosmetic procedures. He will walk you through the facelift procedure and make sure you are armed with all the facts so that you can make the best decision for you.

So, What Can a Facelift Do for Me in My 40s?

Referred to as a rhytidectomy by the medical community, a facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the telltale signs of aging in men and women. The results – they are left with a rested and rejuvenated facial appearance. Thousand Oaks residents love the facelift procedure because it addresses many nagging issues they are plagued by, such as: 

  • Loss of volume in the cheeks
  • Deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose
  • Sagging in the jawline and neck, due to loss of elasticity in the ski

Dr. Costanzo uses the smallest incision possible during each facelift procedure he performs. Many men and women who have a facelift in their 40s require only minimal tightening resulting in shorter incisions. Dr. Costanzo will access the incisions necessary to achieve a natural and more youthful appearance during a consultation and can remove excess facial skin from his Thousand Oaks patients’ lower face and neck, leaving them with a smooth, refreshed appearance.

Why Would I Need a Facelift in My 40s?

Though not common, some Thousand Oaks men and women may need to have a facelift in their early 40s, and there are a couple of reasons why:

 1. Your genetics and the rate at which you age

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with good genes. Many people naturally inherit their grandmother’s jowls or their father’s turkey neck. Mother Nature can be so cruel sometimes. If your parents or grandparents aged faster than their peers, or they have those unfortunate jowls or a double chin, it is likely you will, too. If you’ve started showing early signs of this sagging or extra skin, act now! You can get ahead of the problem before it leads to frustration and discouragement in your life. Dr. Costanzo can perform a facelift while you’re young to help ward off those unfortunate cosmetic problems. 

 2. Your skin is less elastic

Another reason men and women in Thousand Oaks choose to have a facelift in their 40s is that their skin has lost its elasticity. Many times, this is due to the damaging rays of the sun.  Having a facelift while you’re younger typically means your procedure will be less invasive and you won’t need as much “work” done to give you the results you want. It also means you will have better results because you will heal more quickly, and your scars will likely not be as noticeable.

Come See Dr. Costanzo Today

The only way you will know if a facelift in your 30s is right for you, is to have a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Costanzo himself. During your appointment, he will examine your face and listen to your wants, needs, and desires for your ideal look. He will then be able to make his recommendations and create an individualized treatment plan – just for you.

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