Ventura Breast Augmentation Concerns: Are Breast Implants Safe?

Model with Long Curly Brown Hair in White BraModern medicine continues to make amazing advancements on a seemingly day to day basis. That being said, Ventura breast augmentation patients still may wonder if breast implants are really safe. Dr. Christopher Costanzo understands these concerns entirely. He’s put together some information for prospective patients, and we encourage you to contact us with any further questions you may have.

All breast implants feature a silicone outer shell and some type of filler. The filler is either the very same saline used in intravenous solutions or a silicone gel. It is true that there has been much controversy about silicone gel in the past. However, patients should know that current studies do not demonstrate a causal relationship between silicone and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. The FDA released silicone implants for general use in November of 2006, after years of restrictions and further testing.

The FDA report from August of 2013 states that breast implants may have an association with a very rare lymphoma (ALCL) found in the scar capsule. ALCL is so rare, that the FDA has identified only 60 cases of ALCL out of 10 million women with breast implants worldwide. This is obviously an extremely rare scenario, and the FDA currently has no plans to restrict or limit implants again. The FDA also makes no recommendation that any women with breast implants have them removed.

The French manufacturer Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP) and the Dutch company Rofil Medical were found to have used inferior, industrial grade silicone in the breast implants that they produced and sold. These implants have been sold in England, France, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Any women who have PIP or Rofil breast implants are strongly urged to have them removed and replaced with the proper medical grade silicone gel implants, such as those manufactured by Mentor or Allergan. PIP and Rofil breast implants were never recommended by the FDA. Speak with a surgeon today about having your breast implants replaced if you are one such patient.

Breast Implant Warranty Information

All breast implant manufacturers carry a warranty and guarantee replacement implants for life. Generally, within a 10 year time frame, the company will also pay a surgeon to have the implants replaced should defects become evident. Dr. Costanzo does not currently use Sientra’s Brazilian manufactured implants, as they have no long term history of doing business in the USA. The concern is that this company could go out of business, leaving our Ventura breast augmentation patients without a lifetime replacement guarantee. Instead, you are wise to consider Mentor or Allergan breast implants, as these companies have been in business for decades and have stood behind their warranties.