Ventura Breast Augmentation FAQ: Can I Still Breast Feed?

Mature Brunette Model in Black and Brown Lace BraProspective Ventura breast augmentation patients often have a number of questions which they seek to have answered prior to deciding if breast implants are indeed the right decision for their unique situation. There is one question that Dr. Costanzo hears with great frequency in child bearing women, and that is whether or not breast feeding is still a viable option following a breast augmentation.

The good news for women hesitant to reshape their breasts with implants due to concerns about future breast feeding is that the answer is, yes, breast feeding is still quite possible after a breast augmentation procedure. It has been Dr. Costanzo’s experience that most women he has enlarged with breast implants have gone on to nurse their child without difficulties.

While the results of this conversation will obviously vary on a case by case basis, one recommendation that Dr. Costanzo makes across the board for women planning to breast feed is to consider alternatives to a periareolar incision. This type of incision, while beneficial in preventing visible scarring resulting from a breast augmentation, necessitates the cutting of more ductal breast tissue during the procedure. Because this ductal breast tissue is necessary during the process of milk distribution, a periareolar incision may carry a slightly higher risk in the future ability to breast feed.

Now that you know breast feeding is still possible, you don’t have to let this dissuade you from moving forward with a desired breast augmentation. Working with a Ventura breast augmentation specialist of Dr. Costanzo’s stature will ensure you get all the options available to you. Together, he can help you to determine if pursuing breast implants while also considering breast feeding in the future is the right decision for you personally.