Westlake Village Breast Augmentation Options: Saline and Silicone Pros & Cons

Model Torso Wearing Red BraBoth saline and silicone breast implants have their pros and cons. Because this is such a major decision, it is necessary that you have the information that you need to choose your breast implants wisely. Dr. Christopher Costanzo, a Westlake Village breast augmentation specialist with nearly 3 decades of experience to his name, would like to share some information with you regarding the pros and cons of both saline and silicone breast plants. We recommend that you contact our offices with any further questions that you may have, or to schedule a consultation regarding your breast augmentation options.

Pros and Cons of Silicone Breast Implants

  • If you are very thin with no significant breast tissue, then silicone implants can produce a softer and more natural feel and appearance.
  • Silicone breast implants are more expensive and should outlast saline implants by many years.
  • For women who like less fullness at the top of the breast, a silicone implant is a better choice.
  • Shaped silicone breast implants can be tailored to the exact measurements of your body

Pros and Cons of Saline Breast Implants

  • Saline breast implants are adjustable, which is especially valuable if you have two different size breasts.
  • If these implants rupture or deflate, they are very easy to replace.
  • When having a mammogram, saline implants make it easier to see the breast tissue.
  • A saline implant can be inserted through smaller incisions, like the under arm and areola.
  • Softness can be similar to a silicone implant in most women.
  • Results similar to silicone can be achieved in most women seeking breast enlargement.

Cohesive Silicone Gel and Shaped (Gummy Bear) Breast Implants

Westlake Village breast augmentation patients considering their options should keep in mind the fact that silicone gel breast implants today are much different than those manufactured prior to 1990. The implant fill is now a cohesive gel, rather than liquid in form. Allergan Corporation’s Natrelle silicone implant and Mentor Corporation’s Memory Gel implants are the most widely used cohesive gel breast implants today. Both companies have been manufacturing quality breast implants for many years.

Shaped breast implants are a formed stable breast implant, which is designed to keep its shape for many years. They give fullness with less roundness at the top for those women desiring that shape. Allergan Style 410 and Mentor’s MemoryShaped implants are able to maintain a more contoured look.

A new option just recently approved by the FDA is the Natrelle Inspira silicone breast implant. These are round implants but provide more gel fill in the center of the implant, which will give more fullness to the breast.

There is some information that you should have regarding cohesive memory gel silicone breast implants before deciding if they are right for you. Today’s implants no longer leak if the breast implant shell is ruptured. Older silicone implants had a liquid center which could leak through the surrounding shell. Ultimately, the only way to know for certain which breast implants are ideal for your situation is to work with a true Westlake Village breast augmentation expert like Dr. Costanzo. Reading this means that you are already on the path towards a successful procedure.