What Breast Size Should I Get for My Body Frame?

Green Eyed Brunette Model in Brown Lace BraBreast augmentation is a personal choice influenced by what you consider beautiful.

The meaning of breast size varies when asking Westlake Village women what their ultimate goal is following the surgery.  Most women think of breast size as final bra cup size.  But final bra size is hard to determine and varies a great deal depending on the manufacturer.  Your request for a certain bra cup size does help me determine fullness which helps determine which size implant I might suggest to you. 

What Implant Size is Right for Me?

For example, if you tell me that you wish to be a D cup, I know I need to use a larger implant size and conversely if you say you desire a B cup, I know I need to use a smaller size implant.

Important factors determining implant size are:

  • Diameter of the breast – this is the most important measurement in determining a proper size implant and making sure the implant is not too large for your body frame.
  • Lack of sufficient breast skin – will impact on how big of an implant size can be used.
  • Your natural breast size – large natural breasts will need smaller implant size to reach your desired look.
  • Fake look – a desire for a “fake look”, one with excessive upper breast fullness will require a much larger implant size.

Body Type and Implant Size

Most Westlake Village women request results that are proportional to the rest of your body.  Women who are athletic and lean have the best results with a smaller increase in size, while curvy women can balance their other curves with larger breast implants. It’s not only about achieving the size that you want, but achieving results that look natural.

 Finding Results That You Love

The main purpose of breast augmentation, or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter, is making you comfortable with your body. The ultimate size of your breast implants reflects your choice and preferences rather than a standardized form of beauty. Dr. Costanzo emphasizes the importance of feeling happy with your choice before deciding on surgery. This is why each consultation focuses on:

  • Extensive discussions to help you understand your choices and possible results.
  • Measurements to determine the size range that’s right for your body.
  • Taking time to do some research and thinking on your own.

With nearly thirty years as a practicing plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo has helped Westlake Village patients discover their ideal body, supporting them from consultation to recovery. By taking the time to understand and explain the procedure, Dr. Costanzo will help you make the right choices for your breast augmentation.

For Westlake Village women that want more information on finding the right breast implant size for your body frame, contact our office at (805) 373-9919 for a consultation.