What Causes Implant Malposition?

Close Up Female's Breast Implants in White Bra

For breast implants to maintain the proper position, the skill of your plastic surgeon is critical. When Thousand Oaks patients notice that their implants have shifted out of place or rotated improperly, they may need to undergo breast revision to correct the problem.

What is Implant Malposition?

The implant can shift position or rotate improperly because the pocket created to place your implant was not the correct size.  Implant mal-rotation is not common, but there is a slight risk when using the anatomical (shaped) implants which some call “gummy bear” implants.  Implant malposition can also be caused by over use of your upper chest muscles following surgery.  That is why it is very important to take some time after surgery to rest.

How to Avoid Implant Malposition

The first way to avoid implant positioning problems is to choose an experienced plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of breast augmentations successfully. Dr. Costanzo has been in practice for nearly thirty years and has proven:

  • Skilled: Each procedure performed by Dr. Costanzo considers the anatomy and needs of the Thousand Oaks patient. During a consultation, Dr. Costanzo walks patients through the procedure to find out their preferences and assist them in making choices that lead to exceptional results.
  • Safe: Dr. Costanzo has a 100% safety record for all procedures, including breast augmentation. After over three decades in practice, that is an accomplishment worthy of mentioning.
  • Ethical: By giving patients straightforward answers about procedures, Dr. Costanzo’s practice revolves around integrity and safety rather than fulfilling requests that are ultimately harmful to patients.

By selecting a plastic surgeon that makes you feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands, you will avoid any potential problems that occur with less experienced plastic surgeons.

Choosing Implants That Are Right For You

There are pros and cons to choosing any style of implant.  Although implant mal-rotation only occurs with anatomical (shaped) implants, the risk is so minute in his hands that Dr. Costanzo may feel this style implant is best suited to achieve your desired look. When placed by an experienced plastic surgeon, anatomical (shaped) implants are just as safe and beautiful as round implants.  But when placed by a less experienced plastic surgeon, the risk for implant mal-rotation and need for breast revision surgery, increases dramatically.

Unlike round implants, which are uniform in shape, an anatomical breast implant:

  • Mimics the shape of your natural breast.
  • Has a larger base with more fullness that slopes towards the top.

Dr. Costanzo will suggest anatomical breast implants only if they benefit you in some way. Otherwise, he will select round implants which have no risk of implant mal-rotation.

Surgical Skill Limits Risk of Any Complication

Breast augmentation does carry a risk like all surgeries, but this is reduced to a fraction of a percent by choosing a plastic surgeon that is knowledgeable and experienced with the procedure. Dr. Costanzo is a skilled plastic surgeon with the ability to precisely create a breast pocket that is perfectly sized for your implant. His techniques have helped countless Thousand Oaks patients discover the body they’ve always wanted.  If you have experienced malposition or mal-rotation of your implants following breast augmentation, Dr. Costanzo has the experience to make the corrections you will need to achieve natural looking breasts.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation, contact our Thousand Oaks office at (805) 373-9919.