What Ventura Breast Augmentation Patients Should Know About Mammograms

Auburn Haired Model in Navy Blue BraSome younger Ventura breast augmentation patients may not have ever had a mammogram before. While mammograms can help to reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer among women ages 40 to 75, and especially among those women older than 50 years of age, studies have not shown a clear benefit from regular mammograms in women 40 years of age and younger. If you are considering breast implants, however, Dr. Christopher Costanzo may recommend that you have a mammogram prior to the completion of your breast augmentation. Generally, Dr. Costanzo suggests that this is a good course of action for women around 35 years of age and older.

Many women considering a breast augmentation are hesitant about the procedure because they have concerns regarding the efficacy of future mammograms due to the breast implants themselves. Mammograms, for those not totally familiar with the procedure, entail capturing a picture of the breast via x-rays. Screening mammograms are the most effective means by which to detect breast cancer in women without any signs or symptoms of the disease, while a diagnostic mammogram may be used to check for cancer after any such indicators are discovered. Considering the importance of such procedures, it is wise to ensure that you are not pursuing an elective surgery which could complicate matters.

Potential Ventura breast augmentation patients will be relieved to learn that, in most cases, breast implants make it only very slightly more difficult to visualize a mammogram. Saline implants make it easier for a radiologist to interpret mammograms, as they allow for better penetration of the x-ray than silicone breast implants do. Following a breast augmentation, it may take up to 6 months before the effects of the surgery will allow for the accurate reading of a mammogram, which is part of the reason why it may be advisable to have one beforehand. Furthermore, for very flat-chested women, breast implants may actually aid in the completion of a mammogram, as they can allow the x-ray unit to hold, position, and compress the breast better.

If you have any further concerns regarding the impact that a breast augmentation procedure may have on future mammograms, contact our offices any time. We are happy to review the information with you so that you can make a confident decision regarding whether or not breast implants are right for you. Having the knowledge that you need is the first step towards making any major decision.