When Can I Return to High Impact Workouts After My Breast Augmentation?

Thousand Oaks Breast AugmentationA breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure among women in the Calabasas area. Many of these women are athletic and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, so naturally, a commonly asked question Dr. Costanzo receives from his prospective patients is regarding how long it will be before they are able to workout again. For active women, just knowing that they will be out of the gym for a period of time can be worrisome, but Dr. Costanzo has your overall health in mind when you see him for a breast augmentation. It is imperative that you follow his instructions for rest and take a break from exercise after your procedure.

What Are My Exercise Restrictions After Surgery?

Obviously, the main area to avoid after having a breast augmentation is the chest muscles. Your breasts have just undergone a major change, and your chest muscles need time to heal before stress can be placed on them during exercise. You should avoid working out your pectoral muscles for the first twelve weeks after your breast augmentation. This will give your breasts time to heal and develop scar tissue in a way that is undetectable. If you use your pectoral muscles aggressively too soon, you could see experience negative effects with your final breast augmentation results. Dr. Costanzo recommends his Calabasas area patients to avoid lifting anything over 5 pounds during the healing period. You should also avoid pulling or pushing heavy objects, as this could put undue strain on your pectoral muscles as well.

Can I Exercise at All While I’m Healing?

Dr. Costanzo knows that his active patients will be itching to get up and get going soon after their surgery, and advises them it is critical not to exercise in the first 4 weeks while you are healing. Calabasas patients understand that resting after surgery is crucial for proper healing.

Being Cleared to Get Back to Those High Impact Workouts

After four weeks, you will be required to visit Dr. Costanzo at his Calabasas area clinic for a post-operative appointment. During your appointment, Dr. Costanzo will examine your breasts to ensure you are healing properly from your breast augmentation. If all is well, and your healing is progressing appropriately, you will be cleared to begin easing back into your normal exercise routine. Be careful to follow Dr. Costanzo’s recommendations for this process, so you don’t do too much too soon and end up with breast pain or other complications.

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If you’re an active woman in Calabasas, and you’ve been considering breast augmentation as an added way to get the body shape you desire, don’t let the time out of the gym stand in your way. The short period of time you will be restricted from your normal exercise routine will seem like nothing after you’ve healed well and can look in the mirror with newfound confidence. Call Dr. Costanzo today to book your initial consultation and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding working out after a breast augmentation.

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