When Will My Breasts Begin to Take on a More Settled Appearance?

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If you are a woman in Westlake Village who has recently had a breast augmentation, you may notice your breasts are swollen and maybe even bruised immediately after your procedure. Specifically, they may appear higher on your chest than you expected. Don’t panic! Though they may not look now how you thought they would when the bandages came off, they’ll get there! Following a breast augmentation, the breast implants will take time to settle into place and claim their spot on your chest. Dr. Costanzo knows that many women can get nervous when their newly augmented breasts haven’t softened and settled, so he’s here to put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn more about how breast implants settle, and what affects the settling process.

What Affects Breast Implant Settling?

Immediately following your breast augmentation at Dr. Costanzo’s Westlake Village clinic, you will notice that your breasts seem to sit high on your chest. This is because the breast muscles have been lifted and have responded by swelling. This is part of the natural healing process as your body gets used to the implants. The pressure that is put on the implant gives the upper part of the breasts more temporary volume, making them appear to be higher than you may have expected. But not to worry. Once your chest muscles begin to calm down, the implant will settle into place. This is when you will see the more natural results you were expecting, with more volume at the bottom of the breast.

There are a few factors that affect when and how your implants will settled – the implant type, the shape of your implant, and where the implant is placed.

  • Implant Size: Typically, the larger the implant will take more time to settle. Especially if you are a petite woman wanting full breasts.
  • Implant Placement: During your breast augmentation, Dr. Costanzo will either place your implant over the muscle (subglandular) or under the muscle (submuscular). Implants placed subglandularly will have a shorter settling period than those placed submuscularly. Dr. Costanzo will be able to decide the best placement for your breast implants based on your unique body type, your personal preference, and what type of implant you prefer.

Dropping and Fluffing

Dropping and fluffing is a common term used to describe the settling process of your implants after your breast augmentation. Dropping and fluffing happens more noticeably in women who have received round implants. As the implants “drops” into a more natural position on your chest, they will “fluff” out, providing more volume to the lower portion of the breast.

As discussed above, the settling process is determined by the pectoral muscle. In order for dropping and fluffing to occur, this muscle needs to relax. There are ways to encourage the pectoral muscles to relax faster. Dr. Costanzo can prescribe medication to help relax the muscles and performing your post-op breast massages will also allow the muscles to relax more quickly. Oftentimes, women in Westlake Village who are very athletic will notice a longer settling period. This is because their pectoral muscles are more developed, which means they take longer to relax.

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Dr. Costanzo has performed over 5,000 breast augmentations and knows that many women experience a bit of concern following their breast augmentation, as their implants haven’t moved into their final resting place. Hopefully, this blog has put your mind at ease and has given you a better understanding of the natural settling process and the time it takes to see your final results.

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