Will there be scarring after a facelift? If so, where will the scars be located?

Smiling Mature Female Resting Chin on Stacked HandsOne of the first questions that patients ask is where the scars will be located and how large they’ll be after a facelift. Thousand Oaks patients can always give us a call with their questions or concerns because it means that they’ve been doing some homework on their own. We also love talking about how Dr. Costanzo performs facelifts because his skill and precision are virtually unmatched. Our facelift patients get absolutely fantastic, natural, and beautiful facelift results so take a look below to learn more about scarring and facelifts. Make sure you check out our gallery of gorgeous Before-and-After pictures as well to see Dr. Costanzo’s work for yourself.

Scarring and Your Facelift

Thousand Oaks men and women who want to look five, ten, or even 20 years younger have come to Dr. Costanzo for their facelift. In fact, Dr. Costanzo has over 30 years of experience and performed over 10,000 plastic surgeries with a staggering 100% safety record and zero malpractice judgments.

But even with Dr. Costanzo’s extensive skill and experience, there are some things that even he can’t change–including incisions.  They’re unavoidable: whenever the skin is cut, the body forms a protective scar.  However, Dr. Costanzo can not only minimize the scarring by using short incisions, but he can also place the incisions in such a manner so that they are virtually invisible.  This allows Thousand Oaks men and women to wear their hair short or pulled back without worrying about people seeing their incisions.

Scar Management After a Facelift

Thousand Oaks patients can also use a few different techniques after their procedure to ensure their incisions heal quickly and are as unnoticeable as possible.

  • Silicone gel – One method that many patients use to reduce their scar visibility is silicone gel. The moisture and the reaction to the silicone are helpful for making sure the incisions are flat and not raised.
  • Quit smoking – In addition to being linked to cancer, smoking also wreaks havoc on your skin and limits your body’s ability to heal.
  • A normal diet – Eating a balanced diet and not dieting before surgery will give your body the tools it needs to heal properly.
  • Light massage – Make sure you talk with Dr. Costanzo about this. A gentle light massage can encourage blood flow to the area which delivers nutrients, oxygen, and removes dead cells after a facelift.

Thousand Oaks men and women who are ready to look rested, young, and healthy should call Dr. Costanzo at (805) 373-9919. Dr. Costanzo has won the award for Best Plastic Surgeon in Ventura County multiple times. So make sure you call today a book your consultation before our schedule fills up!